Life of The Dust Bunny


An epic documentary of never before seen footage of the Dust Bunny in its natural environment.  Sweeping panoramic shots of expansive wooden plains being traversed by herds of these gentle, magnificent creatures.  A great male voice with a British accent narrates the piece, illustrating the mating rituals, migratory patterns, seasonal cycle and dangers facing the Dust Bunny. There is a great musical score, especially when the male Dust Bunny dances for the female’s attention.  Also very dramatic music charges the vacuum cleaner scene, in which a baby Dust Bunny falls prey while its parents are helpless to intervene but must suffer the loss to ensure they live to reproduce again.  There are wonderfully spacey shots of dust particles dancing in a ray of sunlight through a window, with narrative explaining how these particles would one day join each other to form the Dust Bunnies of tomorrow. This of course after the baby killing scene, as the vacuum unwittingly kicks up these tiny particles, thus contributing to the never ending circle of Dust Bunny life.  

Inky Shadows


Deep in the bottom of the ocean there exists a place inhabited by adorable little baby octopuses who debate deeply philosophical, social and political ideology while devouring fish and other sea creatures indiscriminately in their constant search for food and fulfillment. Their names are Blinky (the remedial one), Stinky (the hippie), Winky (the con artist), Kinky (the transgender sex freak), Pinky (the debutante/princess), Dinky (the rich one), Thinky (the nerd), Drinky (the alcoholic/drug addict), Slinky (the coward), Shrinky (the overcompensating “bro” jock), Linky (the paranoid conspiracy theorist), Sinky (the hypochondriac), Plinky (the musician), Clinky (the cop), and Twinky (the gluttonous octo-baby Mayor of Inky Shadows) This of course is an animation, very cute and at the same time very dark. 

Sukki Sushi


Sukki (pronounced suck-ee) Sushi

Imagine the cheesy and totally unauthentic McMuhricanized “Aussie” marketing of Outback steakhouse – brought to Japanese cuisine.  This restaurant commercial is narrated by a syrupy, totally sexual Caucasian female voice (think a casino or Las Vegas commercial on the radio) and the script is laden with lines like: “mom will beg like a geisha girl for dad’s thick spicy bamboo roll”  and “the kids will flip for our ancient ninja soup- tiny pasta throwing stars shrouded in darkness by a soy bean curd broth” and of course “After hours, sharpen your katana at our Ronin’s Den sake bar and dance party.”  

This sketch of course includes a typical white TV commercial family acting overly impressed and excited about what amounts to another corporate chain restaurant exploiting a culture for profit.