Silver Linings


Silver Linings is the heartwarming yet side splitting tale of a retirement home and its staff, residents and their family visitors.  There’s the elderly female porn star who often mistakes staff or other residents for past co stars and sometimes thinks she’s on the set of an adult film.  There’s the retired “Jack Bauer” character for whom even a trip to the bathroom is a matter of national security.  The Director of the Silver Linings facility is reminiscent of a John Cleese character from Fawlty Towers: always stressing out each episode because of some important guest he wants to impress.  Invariably, the staff and residents betray his efforts by simply being their hilarious selves.  

This is my hilarious social commentary about the less than stellar way American culture views and treats senior citizens.  This would be portrayed by lackluster family members, apathetic/unskilled staff and ridiculous rules imposed by the huge, faceless corporate parent company, Happy Endings Inc. They also own and operate the popular Sunset Cruise lines.

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