Inky Shadows


Deep in the bottom of the ocean there exists a place inhabited by adorable little baby octopuses who debate deeply philosophical, social and political ideology while devouring fish and other sea creatures indiscriminately in their constant search for food and fulfillment. Their names are Blinky (the remedial one), Stinky (the hippie), Winky (the con artist), Kinky (the transgender sex freak), Pinky (the debutante/princess), Dinky (the rich one), Thinky (the nerd), Drinky (the alcoholic/drug addict), Slinky (the coward), Shrinky (the overcompensating “bro” jock), Linky (the paranoid conspiracy theorist), Sinky (the hypochondriac), Plinky (the musician), Clinky (the cop), and Twinky (the gluttonous octo-baby Mayor of Inky Shadows) This of course is an animation, very cute and at the same time very dark. 

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