Sukki Sushi


Sukki (pronounced suck-ee) Sushi

Imagine the cheesy and totally unauthentic McMuhricanized “Aussie” marketing of Outback steakhouse – brought to Japanese cuisine.  This restaurant commercial is narrated by a syrupy, totally sexual Caucasian female voice (think a casino or Las Vegas commercial on the radio) and the script is laden with lines like: “mom will beg like a geisha girl for dad’s thick spicy bamboo roll”  and “the kids will flip for our ancient ninja soup- tiny pasta throwing stars shrouded in darkness by a soy bean curd broth” and of course “After hours, sharpen your katana at our Ronin’s Den sake bar and dance party.”  

This sketch of course includes a typical white TV commercial family acting overly impressed and excited about what amounts to another corporate chain restaurant exploiting a culture for profit.

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