The Lone Ranger and Tonto in Corporate America


The Lone Ranger has been busy over the last few decades building a multi-million dollar cattle and railroad securities firm.  Tonto has been an outstanding employee for many years, but over time his methods and tools/weapons have become outdated and he needs to adjust to the ever-changing modern world of security threats.  

The Lone Ranger keeps putting Tonto on Performance Improvement Plans but Tonto repeatedly (perhaps over the course of few sketches) manages to not only save his job but make the Lone Ranger look like an asshole/idiot. An office environment will be needed for this sketch, as well as auxiliary characters. The Lone Ranger’s over-eager Japanese secretary/personal assistant is extremely excited to be working for one of his American heroes who he compares to John Wayne, much to the chagrin of the less popular and more PC Lone Ranger. Tonto plays up the fact that John Wayne was less forward thinking than the Lone Ranger because he knows it irritates and embarrasses him. You see, the Lone Ranger is not an evil man, he’s just a greedy capitalist who only uses pure silver bullets and spends a lot on fancy handkerchiefs. 

This is my tribute to Sherman Alexie. I loved The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (and Smoke Signals) and I want to pay homage to him by creating a sketch involving Native American relations with white men in the corporate environment in a way that shows the lack of efficiency in modern bureaucracy and technology. I also aim to poke fun at the lack of soul and compassion in the stereotypical corporation.   

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