What is McMuhricanization?

To “McMuhricanize” something means to completely destroy its organic, substantial qualities and turn it into something fast, cheap and easy.  The prefix “Mc” finds its origin in MacDonald’s or McMansion, terms describing the McMuhricanizing of food and housing.  The root word is “Muhrica,” the redneck pronunciation of America.  Example: Chinese restaurateurs in the US sell what is called Chinese food but is anything but traditional food eaten in China.  They have succeeded in destroying thousands of years of beautiful culinary culture for the sake of selling Poo-Poo Platters to the less refined American palette.  It’s faster, cheaper and easier to market on a wide scale, but total crap compared to authentic Chinese food.  Hence, McMuhricanized.

Does anyone else have an example to share of McMuhricanization? I would love to hear your thoughts on this concept.


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