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They Can’t Take That Away From Us


A game show set in the 70’s where infamous villains from history are interviewed and can win money and prizes by correctly answering questions about other evil, infamous characters from history. The host interviews and sardonically showcases darkly hilarious “facts” (some are made up) about the villains’ personal lives.  


Seventies game show style setting.  Lots of yellow, brown, orange and puke green, bad hairstyles on the contestants and perhaps a toupee for the host.  The quintessential long skinny silver microphone reminiscent of Bob Barker in the early days.  Guests would include Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, etc. There is always one thing at the close of each show: the host remarks that “they can never take that away” from the villain, such as Hitler’s mustache or Manson’s swastika tattoo. Maybe?